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WG T-one Review

The WG T-one, a new $100 single DD IEM sporting a Tesla magnetic driver.
Full disclaimer: I was sent the WG T-one as a review unit from Linsoul in exchange for my honest opinions.

The WG T-one has a nice black metal shell with a ripple texture on its faceplate. It comes with an equally nice 8-core MMCX braided cable that has pre-molded ear hooks. The cable feels solid with minor cable noise and no cable memory. It additionally comes with faux-leather carrying pouch and 6 sets of tips, including a set of foams.

The fit is quite good for me. My only complaint is that the bore size is quite large, making the WG T-one fatiguing in ear after a couple of hours.

SoundOverall Sound Signature: The T-one has a fairly balanced signature that leans towards being slightly warm. As the title suggests, the T-one is a jack of all trades. It doesn't particularly excel at anything nor does it do poorly at anything either. Conveniently enough, WG includes the frequency response of the T-one on the b…

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