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Status Audio BT Transfer Review

I don’t review Bluetooth in-ears very often, but occasionally I find products that really suit me well. That was the case with the Samsung Galaxy Buds, which surprisingly provided convenience, portability, good sound, and a truly wireless experience. It’s a tall order to beat, but I have tried several others recently with items like the Sony WF-1000XM3 providing a better sound experience and added noise-cancellation features, but with at the loss of comfort.
Recently, Status Audio contacted me about reviewing their newest Bluetooth product, the BT Transfer. I had not used any of their items before, but their over-ear headphones, the CB2, was relatively popular and sparked some interest. I was a little surprised to receive a product that wasn’t going with the industry norm these days – a truly wireless earphone.

This BT Transfer, uses the traditional around-the-neck wire method for wireless. The earphone also comes with a large remote piece with easy to use buttons and a variety of t…

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