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Seattle Mini-Meet Wrap Up

We had a mini meet yesterday, August 24, 2019, at Torq's place in Seattle where many new headphones and in-ears were passed around from a group of 10 of us from the community, including the two owners of and a Focal representative! It was a blast, and I'd like to thank Ian/Torq for graciously hosting this event and letting us play with a lot of his new toys in the process, as well as everyone else in attendance!

RAAL SR1A These are really nice. They really do sound like speakers! The speed and resolution of electrostatics but having actual good low end response. I was surprised that they were comfortable and light to wear, given how they look. I’d really consider owning these some day. They are definitely a significant gear changing investment though.

ZMF Verite C First off, these look bigger in person than they do in photos, when they are finally worn. They stick out like Princess Leia buns. Sound is nice and open. To me, I felt it had a more balanced tonality…

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