Dynasty Log: S1G2 Washington vs San Diego State

After a first week victory, the Huskies played host to the Aztecs from San Diego State in their 2nd week of football play.

The Huskies got off to a strong start with a first quarter touchdown behind running back Myles Gaskin. After recovering a fumble, the Huskies drove down on their second possession but Browning threw an interception on an out route pass to John Ross.

The Aztecs took advantage, going straight downfield and tying the game at 7-7. Browning then threw his second interception of the day but the Husky defense held SDSU.

The Huskies marched downfield again towards the end of the half but settled for a field goal after failing to reach the end zone on 3 attempts at the 3 yard line.

The Aztecs started the 2nd half with consecutive pass completions and scored on Richardson's touchdown reception to take a 14-10 lead. The Huskies answered back by going down and looking strong, however missed a FG. The did however get the ball back at the end of the 3rd and scored on a weak side run by Gaskin with 1 second remaining in the quarter.

In the fourth, the Huskies took time off the clock behind the running attack of Gaskin and Dwyane Washington, and took a 20-14 lead following another field goal. The Aztecs, however, immediately took to the air and scored on an 80 yard catch and run to take a 21-20 lead with just 2 minutes to go. 

The Huskies were resilient however and again, took the ball and drove down field. After a huge sack though, the momentum seemed to shift. The Huskies failed again on 3 straight passing attempts to get a first down and took an almost hail mary attempt on 4th and long at mid-field when Jake Browning threw to a 1on1 coverage Jaydon Mickens who caught the ball in the endzone to clinch the Huskies victory!


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