Dynasty Log: S1 Second Half Season Summary

I recorded a bunch of video but I haven't touched them yet but I am going to use this post to recap the latter half of the season which saw a Husky team battle through injuries, suspensions and a heart breaking bowl game lost.

The team got absolutely mauled by Arizona State and Stanford. Christian Mcaffery ran all over the Husky defense with 230+ yards in just 2.5 quarters, before he was pulled to let Barry Sanders Jr take the ball. Pretty embarassing. This was to go with Jake Browning injuring his shoulder on a botched option play and having to sit out the rest of the regular season.

But putting Jeff Lindquist at the QB helm changed the dynamic of the offense. The passing game wasn't nearly as strong with his more inaccurate arm but the option and running game thrived with a much more athletic speedy quarterback. The Huskies offensive run offense nearly doubled in production during the final stretch but overall the team finished 6-5 for the regular season after losing the Apple Cup to the Cougars and pulling a major upset over the Miami Hurricanes in a thrashing at Montlake.

The team was selected to face #13 Baylor in the Independence Bowl. The high flying Baylor offense took a commanding 28-7 lead while the Browning-led Husky offense couldn't get anything going in the air and saw inconsistent running attacks throughout the day. The team however inched back in the 2nd half with a solid drive that set up a touchdown pass to Mickens in the endzone.

The Husky defense pinned down the Baylor offense completely in the 2nd half not allowing a single offensive score. In the fourth quarter, John Ross III finally showed the Huskies what made him so special before his leg injury last season with TWO straight punt return touchdowns to tie the game up at 28-28! That dynamic was sorely missing this year but hopefully this will return next season when he becomes the senior receiver on the team.

So, with about 2 minutes left in regulation, Baylor started their drive and got two 1st downs on short passes to their TE. With about a minute left, QB Seth Russell took the air and threw a strike towards the end zone but it was picked off by Husky safety Budda Baker! Unfortunately though, he caught it just prior to the goal line and was down at the 0.5 yard line.

As you may have guessed, the Huskies picked a HB Slam to the weak side and was stopped behind the line of scrimmage, and lost the game on a freakin safety!! 30-28. Sigh!


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