Special Thanks.

I would like to thank Volwalker, ReeshMD23, h4wduk3n, Harry97, and others on OperationSports and Football Idiot/Football Freaks for getting me back to playing football games again on the PS2.

Back then and in college, I played a lot of NFL2K and some NCAA Football on my xbox and my buddy's PS2 but when I moved over to Xbox 360 and PS3, there was a huge huge hole in the football gaming market that made me basically lose complete interest in football games after a few years of crappy Madden/NCAA titles and renewed my interests in FIFA series again. After picking up a PSP last year to play random games, and randomly trying out Madden/NCAA on it, I started to fall in love with football gaming again. It's not coincidence that the PSP versions of those titles are basically direct ports of the PS2/Xbox gen of those games.

Anyway, it's been a fun past several months learning the ins and outs of modding NCAA/Madden of this past era and trying to give them new life again. I can totally say that I am having a great time playing NCAA 06 again on my newly acquired PS2 and hoping to bring the Washington Huskies to dominance once again. 

I just finished three exciting down-to-the-wire games between my Dawgs and SDSU, the hated Oregon Ducks, and the Colorado Buffalos in conference play and the gameplay is just fabulous and really love the atmosphere this game brings despite its aged graphics.

Thanks again for getting me interested again! 

Please be sure to check out Volwalker's great NCAA Football 06 Revival project at http://www.NCAA06Revival.com. It's full of tidbits, strategies, and other great info on this game.


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