Dynasty Log: S1 Off-Season Recruiting

Recruiting Class
With only 10 seniors leaving the team, the Huskies didn't have a lot of needs. They had to get some linebacker help however with Travis Feeney leaving and also safety help with Brian Clay leaving, both seniors who had huge roles on the team. The other position of need was to fill up depth on the offensive line, as some of the starters were debating on moving to the draft but decided to stay another year.

Rank: 18th

Recruited Players:

Top 3

  • Jon Bass, DE, 5 Star, #1 - Quick edge rusher, 6'3" 242lbs / 4.58s 40/ C+ Awareness
  • Terrance Stewart, CB, 5 Star, #1 - HUGE CB 6'3" but fast! 4.16 40 / A- awareness and hands
  • Jamarr Freeman, FS, 4 Star, #2 position - Should compliment Budda Baker! 
Marcus Bratton, Tackle, 4 stars
Dan Robinson, OLB, 4 stars
Jeremy Norton, Guard, 4 stars,
James Harrell, WR, 4 stars
Peter Williams, DT, 4 stars
Michael Johnson, FB, 3 stars
Daniel Holly, OLB, 3 stars

Nate Starks, HB, UCLA Transfer!

Other Teams:

Top Ten Classes:
Ohio State
Texas Tech
Virginia Tech

Surprise poor recruiting classes:
Utah 116
Arkansas 112
Boise State 107
Missouri 105
South Carolina 103
Auburn 53
Florida 52

Surprise strong recruiting classes:
Rutgers 37
Troy 31
Duke 25

Surprise Transfers:
Ohio St CB Eli Apple to Buffalo (he was just drafted #10 in the NFL Draft!)


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