Unique Melody ME.1 - Planar Magnetic IEMs Review

I have had the ME.1 for a couple months now after previously owning the Audeze iSine 10. I was initially attracted to these because of how much I love the iSine 10. They were a miniature version of a full-sized headphone with some great sounding low end detail and extension and airy sound. They did require a bit of EQ though to make them sound great. Luckily, Audeze provides their Reveal plugin as well as posted their own EQ for the iSine publicly.

The one thing I didn't like about them, however, were their unusual shape and size. They were weird looking, however extremely unique (ha!) and very comfortable once you got the right fit. I could wear them for days. I still got funny looks wearing them in public though from co-workers and random people around the office. Then I saw the ME.1 come out and I was curious...

I eventually picked them up and have been in planar bliss ever since.

These actually do not sound like the iSine at all. They are different. These have a thicker sound, and more forward vocals but with some top end energy that the iSine lacked. They also have less impact on bass, however more detail all around. They also look incredible -- like you're wearing a set of LCDs in micronized form.

Comfort on these can be challenging though. They are heavy for IEMs and they insert medium depth - very similar depth to the popular Massdrop Plus which I also owned. Getting the right tips makes a huge difference on these for comfort and fit but you may have to take a quick break from these every so often since they are a bit weighty.

Back to the sound -- One thing I discovered was that if you push the volume up, these IEMs go from sounding excellent to sound very unnaturally shouty. The area around 1Khz is elevated and really does require some reduction to sound good. Luckily, I have eq capability on my phone, DAP and computer to compensate. I also like to add slight increase in bass, and elevate the 8Khz+ area to gain more energy/detail. These IEMs respond very well to eq since they are planar drivers which typically have very low distortion.

All in all, they can be a little annoying if you can't eq them and like to listen to music loud, and you may have some issues getting a good fit for long listening sessions.


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